When I was a wee lad of 13, I had big plans for my mini-DV camcorder and the movies I made with my friends after school. However, I was limited by the capabilities and constant crashing of Windows XP's Windows Movie Maker.  Eventually, I stumbled across a platform that would enable me to create effects beyond my wildest dreams! Muzzle flares, lightsabers, matte paintings, oh my!

We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but my mother somehow was able to scrounge enough together to buy this software for me. It was called Effectslab Lite from a company called FXHome and, from that day forward, I was hooked. Staying up late on school nights rotoscoping three-second clips of my friends taught me that hard work could be fun and rewarding. 

Flash forward ten years later. I'm working in the video field, supporting myself full time and FXHome is steamrolling the indie film scene with their powerful suite of software, called Hitfilm. The software has been used by Film Riot, Rocketjump and Corridor Digital, to name a few.  A free version of the software, dubbed Hitfilm Express is also available for beginners. Just to show you how powerful this software is, I threw together a custom plasma burst made from free stock footage and built-in effects. I was in and out of the software in under five minutes:

In addition to their incredible software, FXHome offers a suite of plugins for After Effects and other compositors. These are my bread and butter at work and their prices are incredible compared to other, similar quality plugins that are more or less industry standard. 

In addition to software, FXHome has built an incredible filmmaking community on the Hitfilm website. The company breeds a culture of creativity and encouragement for beginners through professionals. In addition to the mind-blowing amount of free tutorials they offer, the team at FXHome is very keen on engaging with the community, aiming to create a product that benefits everyone. 

Whether you're a newbie at making movies or a professional in need of some better plugins, I highly suggest you pop over to Hitfilm.com and say hello!


*Full disclosure: The statements made in this blog post are of my own opinion and I have had no discourse with the team in regards to this blog post. I find myself recommending this software so often that I felt I needed to write something down that I could direct people to!